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Coco Prada, a Colombian actor, has built an esteemed career through his exceptional acting skills and diverse experiences spanning TV series, commercials, theatre plays, and documentary films.


Garnering recognition for his captivating performances in "Arrepentidos" and "Correo De Inocentes," Coco has showcased his extraordinary talent on both national and international stages, including the celebratory event at Serge Constantin Theatre in Mauritius.


Passionately drawing inspiration from legendary artists like Pina Bausch, Bejart, and Hitchcock, Coco embodies the spirit of a lifelong artist, retaining the curiosity and creativity of a child. His recent roles in "A Cuban Girl's Guide to Tea and Tomorrow" and "Mrs Sidhu Investigates" further illustrate Coco's versatility and dedication to his craft. If you seek an actor with unmatched talent and adaptability for your upcoming project, look no further than Coco Prada.

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